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Finding it hard at home because of Coronavirus self-isolation? 

A free online or phone therapy individual session is available.  

Please send us your message!


Types of Therapy

● Supportive Music & Imagery (SMI) – 1 hour

● Re-educative Music & Imagery (RMI) - 1 hour

Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) - 1.5 hours


● Music Breathing (MB) – 1 hour


● Singing – 30 minutes


● iPad Song Writing – 30 minutes


● Lyrics Writing – 30 minutes

Types of Support sessions


● Anxiety & Stress Reduction / Relaxation

   with Music Listening & guided Imagery – 30 minutes


● Piano lesson – 30 minutes


● Talking – 30 minutes

Please send us a message about why you are interested in trying a therapy session. 


The type of therapy you would be offered will be recommended by a therapist depending on what you are looking for yourself or your loved ones. If you have your favourite to try from the list above, please let us know that too!



The sessions will be available based on the UK time.

If you would like to consider receiving a full course of therapy, let the therapist know after your free session!


● An access to the agreed software


● A secure internet connection


● A private room to ensure confidentiality



British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT) recommends that:


   ● The therapist and the client both should be

      somewhere quiet, where they are unlikely to be



   ● For clients aged under 18 who can access

      remote sessions independently, a support staff or

      family member should be available for a check-in at the

      start and end of the session and contactable by phone

      should there be any issues during a session.


   ● For clients of any age who are not able to access

      remote sessions independently, a support staff or

      family member must be able to facilitate the session as

      guided by the therapist.


Not essential for a free session, but your own art materials and musical instruments are welcome!

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