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Guided Imagery & Music (GIM)

Guided Imagery & Music: Services

How can it help?

GIM can be beneficial for anyone who wishes to explore their inner life through music and imagery. It uses selected sequences of classical music to support the generation of and movement through inner experiences. In GIM, the music serves as a catalyst and container for imagery that allows one to access and explore both the depths and the heights of the human experience.

What happens in a session?

A session usually lasts 1.5-2 hours. It includes an initial conversation about current concerns before leading into music listening in a deeply relaxed state to stimulate imagery, memories and feelings to help the client explore life issues on a deeper level. As the music plays, the client is encouraged to describe any imagery as it emerges. Music used in the sessions is usually classical music. After the music listening there is time to reflect on the experience verbally and creatively. The processing helps to make connections to wider contexts in life.

Who is it for?

GIM can help if you are:

  • going through changes and life transitions

  • feeling stressed and exhausted

  • experiencing depression and anxiety

  • interested in self-discovery and personal development

  • experiencing difficulties with relationships

GIM Aims

  • Explore client’s inner life through music and imagery when going through a difficult time or to understand emotional life more deeply

  • Change some unhelpful patterns

  • Support wellbeing and regain energy and balance

Guided Imagery & Music: Services
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