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Try from just one lesson!


Online lessons can provide you easy access to learning piano without spending time to visit your teacher.


You can book from only one lesson without any further commitment.


So, in this way, you can try one lesson as a taster, and if you would like to have another one, just book it whenever suits you!


ABRSM exam support is also available.


Booking on the day may be possible up to 3 hours before the time you want to book depending on teacher availability.


Face-to-face lesson is also available in London E14.


* Currently we offer online lessons only due to Covid-19, however, face-to-face lesson will start as soon as it gets safer.


** There is already a waiting list for face-to-face lessons, so please send us your request.

First come first served.


*** You can switch from online to face-to-face.




One Lesson


30 minutes: £25

45 minutes: £35

60 minutes: £45


A Series of 5 lessons


30 minutes x 5 = £120

45 minutes x 5 = £170

60 minutes x 5 = £220


Regular Weekly Lessons


* Booking and payment is monthly.

** When stopping lessons, 2 weeks notice is required.


30 minutes: £100/month

45 minutes: £140/month

60 minutes: £180/month




* Prepaid Policy *


  • All bookings are prepaid only.



* No refund Policy *


  • When you have to miss your lesson, let the teacher know as soon as possible and you can send the recording of your playing to her up to 3 days of the date of your lesson, and she will return her comments to you.


  • If you are a beginner and have nothing to record, then let the teacher know as soon as possible within 3 days before the date you had booked for your lesson. She will send you a teaching video with what you were going to learn in the lesson.



* Recording Policy *


  • All the lessons will be video recorded strictly observing data protection regulations.


  • A video of each lesson that you receive is available upon request.



Social Sounds provides social interaction through:



  • Musical and physical activity (e.g. action songs)

  • Music making

  • Singalong

  • Listening to music and drawing



It is for all ages. People will be grouped by their age groups and sessions will be run appropriately for each group. Children can attend with their parent(s).



These groups aim to gently stimulate people’s brains using musical elements, e.g. rhythms and dynamics, and their creativities.



* The group can run from 3 people.


   Why not invite your friend to join you?


   You can also have a session as a family, or a group of friends.



One Session


30 minutes: £10/person

45 minutes: £12.50/person

60 minutes: £15/person


A Series of 3 Sessions


30 minutes x 3: £28.50/person

45 minutes x 3: £36/person

60 minutes x 3: £43.50/person


Regular Weekly Sessions


* Booking and payment is monthly.


30 minutes: £40/month

45 minutes: £50/month

60 minutes: £60/month

* A child who attends with a parent & an adult with a carer are both counted as one person.


* Prepaid Policy *

  • All bookings are prepaid only.


  • Booking will be confirmed only when a group has 3 people to start with.



* No Refund Policy *

Refund is not available.

​* Recording Policy *


All the sessions will be video recorded, but the recording will never be used for any other purposes such as publicity without consent.



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