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How can it help?

ANS is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions, for example, the heart rate and digestion. Dysregulation can be caused by Intrusive trauma such as in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or by loss leading to pathological grief reactions. Music Breathing may be also beneficial when experiencing chronic stress, for example, caused by physical diseases.

What happens in a session?

A session lasts approximately an hour. In the session, the client will focus on their own breathing to regulate the level of arousal, with the mental image of a small breathing volume, the Breathing Centre, first in silence, then with a suitable music. After music listening, the client draws a mandala representing the body images of Breathing Space and centre. Music for Music breathing is carefully selected to stimulate different activation states in the client, and to develop, change and transform experiences.

Who is it for?

MB can help if you are experiencing stress related disorders such as:

  • Intrusive trauma such as in PTSD

  • Pathological grief reactions by loss

  • Chronic stress, e.g., caused by physical diseases

MB Aims

  • Lower stress levels and contain dysregulated autonomic responses by containing and processing experiences through modulating the breathing to shifting states of activation by varying intensity and dynamic of the music

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