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Re-educative Music & Imagery (RMI): Services

How can it help?

The focus in the sessions will be on conflicts/problems from the client’s here-and-now life to address his/her psychological and emotional issues. RMI can help to explore conflicts by holding on to the tension in order to fully experience and resolve it.

What happens in a session?

Sessions last approximately an hour. In the sessions, During a session the client will verbally explore personal themes and issues, and choose one conflict-based image to work on in the session. The client will listen to music whilst engaging with the art materials and then reflect with the therapist afterwards. Again, music used in sessions can be classical or non-classical.

Who is it for?

RMI can help if you are:

  • going through changes and life transitions

  • feeling stressed and exhausted

  • experiencing depression and anxiety

  • interested in self-discovery and personal development

  • experiencing difficulties with relationships

RMI Aims

  • Develop self-awareness and personal growth

  • Self-acceptance in relation to personal issues

  • Identifying patterns and how to make changes

  • Managing everyday life challenges

Re-educative Music & Imagery (RMI): Services
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