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Supportive Music & Imagery (SMI): Services

How can it help?

SMI can develop self-awareness of personal strength and help the client to manage stress and exhaustion, regain balance and feel nourished, and receive support for everyday life challenges. The focus of the session is to find a supportive resource, re-experience it and internalise it. This supportive resource is any positive experience, feeling or thought the client has (or had).

What happens in a session?

A session lasts approximately an hour. First, the client explores personal themes from his/her here-and-now life, and selects one positive or supportive image to focus on. Then, the client listens to a selected piece of music whilst engaging with the art materials, for example by drawing, to express the chosen image. The music is played repeatedly in order to enhance the client’s focus on one image until the client finishes the art expression. Music used in sessions can be classical or non-classical. Finally there is a time to reflect on the experience verbally. This processing helps to integrate and personalise the supportive imagery.

Who is it for?

SMI can help if you are:

  • going through changes and life transitions

  • feeling stressed and exhausted

  • experiencing depression and anxiety

  • interested in self-discovery and personal development

  • experiencing difficulties with relationships

SMI Aims

  • Develop self-awareness of personal strengths

  • Manage stress and exhaustion

  • Regain balance and feel nourished

  • Receive support for everyday life challenges

Supportive Music & Imagery (SMI): Services
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